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General FAQs Applicant FAQs Employer FAQs

General FAQs

1.How do I register?
  1. Go to our home page: http://www.getajobdulles.com
  2. Select your role,
    • If you are an applicant looking for a job, click on
    • If you are an employer looking to post jobs and hire Applicants, click on
  3. Fill in the required fields (which are marked with an asterisk *) and click on Sign Up
  4. Once you are registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation email from support@getajobdulles.com.
2.How much does it cost to use GetaJob?

Using GetaJob is FREE for all users, both Employers and Applicants. DRCC and Allwyn are providing this tool for local employers and job seekers to get connected and improve employment opportunities. By using the tool, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the GetaJob website. Both these documents are available on the website.

Applicant FAQs

3.I registered as an applicant in the website already, how do I setup my profile?

Great! Now you are all set to setup your profile and

  1. Go to the home page: https://www.getajobdulles.com/
  2. Click on Sign in, use your registered email and password to login
  3. Fill in the required fields (Name, resumes, Skills)
  4. Enhance your profile with job preferences, Skills, Interests and increase your changes to get selected for your desired job
  5. Check that you selected Yes for the option I'm actively seeking a job, this will ensure that your profile is submitted to all the employers looking for an applicant with your skill set
  6. Click on Save button to save your information
4.How can I edit my profile?

After logging in with your credentials you will be taken to your profile page, where you can make changes and save the changes.

5.I got a job and no longer want to be contacted by employers for other positions. How do I deactivate my account but save my profile for future?

In your profile, select No for the option I'm actively seeking a job, this will ensure that your details are saved in our portal for future use.
Whenever you would like to be considered for jobs, just go to your profile and select Yes for the option I'm actively seeking a job.

6.How can I maximize my chances of finding a job through GetaJob?

Ensure that you check applicable options under Job Preferences and fill in your details in sections like Skills, Areas of Interest.

GetaJob uses a matching algorithm that is designed to give the employers with a list of Applicants who best match their job requirements.

The algorithm considers 3 factors in order to give the best possible Applicant match

Work Schedule (Job Type, Days of work, Hours of work)
  • Check all the type of jobs you would like to be considered for.
  • For example, if you are interested in only getting jobs that are Part-Time and Paid but would also Employers to contact to about Volunteer activities you should check all those boxes.
  • Similarly, with Days of Work and Hours of work, check boxes against all applicable options
Areas of Interest
  • Choose from the list of areas of interest under different industries. Be sure to scroll down the complete list of interests before submitting your profile.
  • The list of Skills available in the dropdown have been added by different Employers indicating the kind of skillset they are looking for in potential Applicants.
  • Make sure that you choose all suitable skills

Our tool enables the employer to download and view your resume so be sure to double check and upload your latest resume before Saving changes to your profile.

Employer FAQs

7. I registered on behalf of my company, when can I start posting jobs?

A confirmation email will be sent to you and the GetaJob Administrator informing about your registration.

Once the Admin reviews and approves your registration, you will get a second email with a login link from support@getajobdulles.com confirming your registration. On clicking the link, you will be taken to GetaJob's login page where you can sign in using your registered email and password.

8.How can I create a Job?

After login, click on Create Job icon in the left navigation.

Fill in all the applicable fields in the page and click on Save button.

9. How can I Find Applicants for my Job?

Click on Search Job in the left navigation

  • Select the search criteria to find the Job
  • From the resulting Jobs, you can click on the Job and edit the Job in a new tab
  • Click on the Find Applicants button to find the list of matching candidates for that Job in a new tab
  • You can check and uncheck the search filters to update the match criteria
10.How can I add new recruiters from my organization to use this portal?

On logging in as the employer, you see your Dashboard with various options..

GetaJob uses a matching algorithm that is designed to give the employers with a list of Applicants who best match their job requirements.

Click on User Management button. In that screen, add the first name, last name and email address of the new user and click on Invite. An email is sent to them and they can start using the portal.